“How Do I Get My Picky Eater to Try New Food?”

Get Your Picky Eater to Try New Food in Six Simple Steps

So many parents ask me “how can I get my picky eater to try new food?” They feel like they’ve tried everything, but nothing seems to work. If you’re one of those parents, then my guide, “Feed Your Picky Eater in 6 Simple Steps” will give you six simple steps that you can complete in one day! This guide will help your kiddo so much once mealtime comes around. Combined with my Food Tracker, this guide will help you and your picky eater conquer their fear of new food.

When implemented with a deliberate plan for your picky eater, you will find your eater improves faster than you thought possible. What kind of plan should you implement? A simple one to start is a meal plan. To do this, sit down with your family, including your picky eater, and talk through what meals they want for the following week. Then stick to it! Get them involved in the planning, shopping, preparation, etc. to increase their interest and investment in meal plans.


My Process to Try New Food

If you need some more guidance, check out my process for trying new food. As a 28-year old picky eater, I’ve been working on my picky eating for literally decades. This has become my tried and true process for trying – and liking! – new food. I recommend it to anyone who asks for help. On top of this, I recommend resources like Your Kids Table for tips on helping your picky eater. For recipes, I recommend The Picky Palate for kid-friendly meals that adults enjoy, too! Do you have any resources that have helped you? Drop a line in the comments to help out other parents of picky eaters.

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Laura Kessler, The Unpicky Eater

Laura Kessler is a recovering extreme picky eater, certified childhood nutritionist, and bonus mom of three wonderful daughters. She is passionate about helping parents of picky eaters help their kiddos move past the fear of trying new food, while she works through it at the same time! Feel free to reach out to Laura at Laura@theunpickyeater.com with any questions you have about this guide!