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Ease Your Picky Eater’s Anxiety

icky eating anxiety is real. In my opinion, it’s the main reason why your picky eater refused to try new food. Unless you first ease your picky eater’s anxiety, you won’t get very far in helping them overcome the fear of trying new food.

My Dad – The Second Member Of My Support System

My Support System: My Dad Have you heard the phrase, “good cop, bad cop”? Well, in my family, that was pretty true when it came to my picky eating. As I noted in my post about my mom, she was very calm, patient, and rarely pressured me. But when it came to my dad, this … Read More

Parents Are the Most Important Support System a Picky Eater Has

Parents are the most important support system a picky eater has. Today, I want to tell you about my mom, one of my biggest supporters.

The Egg Dish That Even The Pickiest Eater Will Like

The egg bake that even picky eaters like!


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Hi, I’m Laura, a notorious picky eater who is passionate about helping other picky eaters, and their parents, break through the fear of trying new foods to expand their palates!

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