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I'm Laura, the Unpicky Eater

Hi, I’m Laura! I’m a notoriously picky eater who wants to help parents learn how to feed their picky eater. I’m working on becoming the Unpicky Eater, and will use the lessons I learn along the way to help you and your picky eater!

Further, I am certified in Childhood Nutrition and Cooking hoping to teach parents of picky eaters all they need to know about feeding their little ones. By constant research into picky eating and the newly defined eating disorder, ARFID, I am learning how to like new food myself. I hope that this research can help you feed your picky eater push and become Unpicky Eaters.

More About Me

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My Journey
My journey to becoming the Unpicky Eater

Learn about my food tasting process, tasting wins and fails, my Support Team, and my Food of the Month.

Tips and Tricks
Tips and Tricks to Feed Your Picky Eater

My top tips and tricks to help picky eaters actually enjoy trying new foods! From helping make mealtimes more enjoyable for everyone to cooking tips, I’ve collected my favorite tactics to making mealtime my favorite time of day.

Resources to help feed your picky eater

Books, blogs, and other resources I’m learning from to learn how to become an Unpicky Eater that I think you’ll love too! Ranging from psychology books (don’t worry, I’ll give you the cliff notes in my blog posts) to learning how to cook better, these resources have helped me a lot in my journey.

Videos coming soon!
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Watch interviews, food tasting videos, foody adventures throughout Minnesota, and other fun parts of my journey becoming the Unpicky Eater.

My Favorites

Here’s a collection of my favorite cookbooks, recipes, pro chefs, restaurants, cooking shows, kitchen tools, appliances…you name it!

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